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We are the Supplier in Jakarta that sell a variety of promotional needs / exhibitions, such as: BANNER ROLL, ROLL ELECTRIC BANNER, XBANNER, STANDING BANNER.

ROLL BANNER is a suitable tool for promotion, its easy to use and easy to carry anywhere because it is knokdown and portable systems.

ROLL BANNER also called Standing Banner / Roll up Banner / Roll Banner Standing / Standing Roll Banner / Rolling Banner.

ROLL BANNER with packing / Packing: black canvass bag ( Handcarry bag) .

Banner Roll consists of two types:
1. Body Material Aluminum - Aluminum Legs

2. Body Material Aluminium - Stainless Steel Legs ( High Quality)

ROLL BANNER available in sizes:
1. Foot Aluminum:
- 60 x 160 CM ( T)
- 80 x 200 CM ( T)
- 85 x 200 CM ( T)

2. Foot Stainless Steel:
- 60 x 160 CM ( T)
- 80 x 200 CM ( T)
- 85 x 200 CM ( T)
- 120 x 200 CM ( T)
- 150 x 200 CM ( T)

ROLL BANNER Image Printing using materials that can be used for Roll Banner:
1. Indoor ( Outdoor) :
- Matt Vinyl Skin Paper / Laminating Doff Albatros + / Glossy
- Photo Paper Laminates + Doff / Glossy
- Flexy Frontlight: China, Korea, Germany
All Output Printing: High

2. Outdoor ( Outdoor) :
- Flexy Frontlight: China, Korea, Germany
All Output Printing: High
Kualitaas Printing Material: Anti Water and heat resistant sun.

We are supplying to Display System and Digital Printing. so of course the best price we provide to you.

Files can be in email: pumapromosindo@
Our Jakarta Foreign aid delivery in accordance with the applicable shipping rates. we help to complete delivery.
Not allowed to take pictures without permission which had
Production Process: 1 x 24 HOURS
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